Supplemental Educational Family Engagement

Religious School’s formal hours range from 9.15am to noon, throughout 27 sessions of the school year. Our formal calendar for 2020-21 is here .

One of the goals of our school is to raise emergent learners and individuals committed to living Jewishly.  While we strive to achieve that in our formal school hours, we offer supplemental engagement for the whole family to achieve our goal. This is done in multiple ways updated on our outreach platforms.

See below for past and upcoming examples:


  • 4-7th grade meet and greet
  • matzahballing
  • storytime6-19-20
  • celebrating intergenerational experiences
  • union_station_jason
  • temple_beth_david_union_station
  • 94083043_3465291190154951_5987300237302038528_o
  • Supplemental Educational Family Engagement
  • Jewish Religious School delivery 7-23-20 with curious dog
  • Jewish Religious School happy student delivery 7-23-20
  • Jewish Religious School package 7-23-20 delivery
  • Jewish Religious School packages ready for 7-23-20 delivery