Welcome from our Director

July, 2020

Dear Temple Beth David Religious School Families,

Judaic identity and menschlichkeit are perpetuated through learning engagement provided by our Religious School. We are a progressive school that caters to all Jews and those who seek a meaningful Jewish life, and yes, more so amidst a pandemic. In fact, at times of uncertainty, one of the things that we can count on is our unwavering commitment to each other and the immeasurable returns gained through being a part of our Jewishly Warm and Relevant synagogue community.

As a religious school team, we want to assure our families that our school will continue in the fall with a high-quality program that ensures primarily the safety and health of our learners and staff. We are planning learning opportunities that can be modified for in-person, distance learning, or hybrid models to meet those demands. Learners will experience a tailored curriculum that balances Jewish values including mitzvot, culture, Hebrew, including art, music, special events, and more. We will continue to emphasize community and relationship building, and our faculty are working together, thinking creatively about how to do so. We also recognize that not all learners thrive in an online learning environment. Therefore, next year, distance learning will include smaller groups, consistent routines, and individual attention to learners.

Our complete plans for the Temple Beth David Jewish Religious School need to follow the state and local public health guidelines and will be announced more definitively as those guidelines emerge. The public health situation is having an unprecedented effect on our economy, including our temple. No family will be turned away, and no child will be left behind, due to financial hardship. Please request scholarship / financial assistance from Rabbi Lachtman or our finance committee. With gratitude to the generosity of some of our families, we will support you financially and emotionally as a valued member of our family.

Our team and I look forward to seeing our children benefiting from continuing to develop their Jewish identities, growing their Jewish roots, and becoming familiar with the wisdom of our tradition and community engagement now more than ever.

חֲזַ֤ק חֲזַ֤ק וְנִתְחַזַּק֙

May we go from strength to strength,

Gal Kessler Rohs, Education Director,

in partnership with our dedicated Temple Beth David Religious School faculty, Rabbi Lachtman (since 1976), Cantor Orly (since 2019), Cantor Mike (since 2020), Doris Robin (since 1976), Janice Robertson (since 1982), Dr. Jacquelyn Green (since 1988), Lindy Bornstein (since 2017), Lauren Bailey (since 2017), Steven Bermann (since 2017), Susan Grodsky (since 2017), Miriam Beltran (since 2019) and all those valuable community members who step up to educate our children!.