Tikkun Olam and Social Action

– In reflecting back and planning forward about our San Gabriel Valley Jewish School year, and the accomplishments of our students and teachers, yet again we see recurring themes that characterize Temple Beth David of the San Gabriel Valley. Six themes underline what our school is all about: Inter-generational experiences, parental involvement, engaged faculty, buddy system, hands-on learning, and possibly the theme that stands out most, is social action.

As Rabbi Lachtman says in our promotional video “we take great pride in our social action programs at Temple Beth David.”

Just the other day, in the parking lot, Doris Robin and I chatted about her heavy bags of coins all to be sent to her class’s charity choices, Jewish World Watch (JWW) and a children’s foster care.

Take a look here at this list below. You too, I’m sure, will be impressed with our social action endeavors this year.

tikkun olam

This is by no means an exhaustive list, as we are still ongoing! Really thanking you all for your help, your contributions, your participation, and your involvement in doing good.

With immense pride in our ongoing endeavors,

Gal Kessler Rohs, Education Director

-Yard sale contributing to Rachel Dubin‘s mitzvah project towards the Desire to Inspire Foundation, a foundation which helps underserved children in Africa. Thanking Dawn Airhart Witte and Dulce Dubin for their leadership in this project. 

-Preschool visit to the fire station to appreciate and thank fire fighters who helped save Jewish institutions such as  the Shalom Institute, Ilan Ramon Day School, and Camp Ramah. Thanking Aaron Cass for his leadership in this field trip.

-High Holy Day food collection and sorting, with all proceeds going to Foothill Unity. Thanking Feo Shuttman for her leadership in the food sorting (see also picture above).

-Toiletry sorting after High Holy Days- all toiletries went to Friends in Deed’s woman’s room. Thanking Rabbi Joshua Grater for his leadership as the executive director of Friends in Deed and for mentoring our students.

-Walk to End Genocide for Jewish World Watch together with TOV CHAI’s youth group. Thanking Lauren Henson and Joey Angel- Field with their initiatives in promoting the walk.

-Food bank of Temple Beth David- an ongoing theme at Temple Beth David initiated by Rabbi Alan Lachtman.

-Union Station- preparing breakfast for the homeless community of Pasadena. As a school, our students had two opportunities towards helping. Temple Beth David prepares breakfast once a month at Union Station. Please reach out to Jason Young if you would like to help.

-Holocaust learning- students were exposed to 2 speakers this year, one last year, and two Holocaust programs advocating for “never again”. This year children lit candles to represent 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Thanking the following survivors for their sharing of voices: Trudie Strobel, Leon Prochnik, and Dr. Anne Warman. 

Gal carried the name of  Temple Beth David students outside of Temple Beth David to a local high school to represent the tikkun olam theme through the learning about the Holocaust. This is the school and the mission in which our students carry by attending Temple Beth David, and so, in a way, they too helped me to carry the mission. 

-Thanking Jason Moss, as the executive director of the Jewish Federation SGPV, for allowing his class to participate in the following Tikkun Olam projects organized by the Federation:

-Every Person Has a Name- reading of survivors in Pasadena City Hall. Thanking Jason for collaborating with his students in the mission to commemorate those who perished in WW2.

-SuperSunday- helping fundraise for the Federation so that they can carry their mission of Tikkun Olam.

-Jewish Food Festival- helping to advocate for the Federation’s mission, partly to do Ttikkun Olam 

-Shabbaton- where students were exposed to Tikkun Olam through themes projected in Harry Potter

-collection of trick or treat items for homeless pets. Thanking Shane Lachtman for his leadership in animal care through his no- kill- shelter non- profit organization Petlanthropy. 

-Senior Home visit to celebrate Purim, to make Mishloach Manots. Thanking the leadership of Janice Robertson and Cantor Mike Sirota for their leadership in making the seniors joyous in the Hebrew month of Adar.

-L’Taken- a social action weekend organized by the RAC. Thanking Rabbi Lachtman for chaperoning this trip, and teaching our 9-12th graders about legislating! 

-TBD established an animal committee under the leadership of Atty Blatt

-Dance to Rebuild- a danceathon organized by the students of Haskala, in collaboration with the youth of PJTC, to raise funds for those affected by fires. Thanking the parents of Haskala for their help in organizing, and involving themselves in raising funds.

-3 lobby sales for the benefit of those affected by the fires. Sales included: grapefruit, lemonade,  friendship bracelets, and cookies, all made by Temple Beth David Jewish Religious School students. Thanking the following for their contributions in these sales: Lia Kamhi Stein, Dulce Dubin, Anthony Serio, Jason Moss, Jan Robertson, Arlene Bailey

-class collection of Tzedakkah money for animals, RAICES, Israel Bonds, JWW, Foster Care. Thanking class teachers for their leadership in collection of Tzeddakah: Susan Grodsky, Doris Robin, Sarah Evans, Jason Moss.

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