Miriam Beltran

Miriam Beltran is a full time preschool teacher and outdoor specialist at B’nai Simcha preschool. Miriam, in fact, is B’nai’s best teacher, according to their preschool’s director!


I asked Miriam what was the first thing that comes to her mind that would grasp our community’s attention. She proudly mentioned that she has 7 children ranging from 20-34 years of age, and 12 grandchildren ranging from 3 months to 16 years! Wow! Her personal experience however, is not her only credential that proves her excellence in taking care of children. Miriam comes to TBD with an impressive resume:


Miriam is certified through the Outdoor Classroom Project, an acclaimed Early Childhood Program at the Child Educational Center. This is an educational philosophy which Miriam will bring to our youngest of Religious School learners, and share also with the pre Kindergarteners and Kindergarteners in Morah Shoshana’s, or Susan Grodsky’s class. The philosophy focuses on bringing the outdoors, to enrich every child’s playtime experiences, providing the same opportunities outside, as inside. This will be possible also with our upcoming playground, as the playground too, has elements from this philosophy.


With her teaching credential from California State, and senior year studying for administration in early childhood education, Miriam has a passion also for Reggio Emilia’s 100 languages of children, that same discipline of our toddler class. Miriam embraces multiple talents of students, to create projects with little hands. At B’nai Simcha, and previously at Adat Ariel’s preschool, Miriam has made tambourines for Purim parades, Stone soup for Passover meals, paper mache apples for Rosh HaShana, and painted rocks for building the Kotel.


Other credentials Miriam holds include CPR certification, AED certified for infants, children and adults, she is a certified translator in Spanish-English and is also taking a minor in child psychology. She, in addition, is a behavior therapist for children with learning disabilities, has worked for the department of social services in Kern county as an eligibility worker, and is a caretaker for some of Adat Ariel’s Jewish children on weekends. Miriam has worked for the DPSS- Department of Child Social Services where she was a parent partner working with families with trauma.


Miriam says she will be bringing new ideas, and assimilating those into our Jewish, and religious environment, while integrating the Reggio Emilia philosophy of learning. One of the most rewarding moments for her when working with children, is that moment of “aha!” or “ooohhhhh!” when something clicks in a child’s path of learning!


Enrollment to TBD’s toddler class is underway, and is a proven example of where “Early childhood development programs are a community resource that promotes the well-being of young children. “We’ll all be looking forward to many of those “aha” and “oooohhhhh” moments, as our school begins on September 8th, 2019!