Jason Moss

According to Jason, “being able to teach and engage with TBD’s higher grades for the past number of years has been an incredible experience. He says he “loves working with this age group because they are at the age of true discovery and are able to delve deep into issues and topics. They enjoy sharing their candid opinions.” In an interview with him, Jason says “I have enjoyed helping students better understand their Judaism and begin to see how being Jewish is relevant in their lives. In my class, we have covered everything from comparative Judaism and Israel, to Jewish values (and how they relate to our lives today) and the Jewish views on controversial topics.”

Growing up, Jason absolutely loved Sunday and Hebrew School, and is trying to pass that love, along with his deep pride of being Jewish, onto his students. He and his family have been temple members since his wife Rachel and he moved to Southern California so Jason could begin his double Masters program at Hebrew Union College and USC. Jason is the Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of the Greater San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys.

As Executive Director, Jason serves as the voice of our Jewish community. We believe that your children should be able to express pride and feel safe in their school environment, as well as have the freedom to practice Judaism regardless of their everyday setting. Please reach out to Jason should you or your children feel otherwise.