Doris Robin


When a teacher is TBD home grown, you know that she is the right teacher, because she cares for her students, for her temple, for her classroom, and for her community. That’s Miss Doris Robin! Miss Doris has been at TBD since she herself was at Kindergarten. She continued her TBD religious school education through to confirmation. Her parents too were long time members of our temple.

Miss Doris’ love for (chocolate) and children is unquestionable, and really, just by looking at her, you know that teaching is her passion! Just look at how she dressed for Chanukah, even her earrings are themed towards her curriculum! Miss Doris has been teaching at TBD for the past 20 years, and has been a public school elementary teacher in Garvey school district for 38 years.

This year, some of the curricular themes Miss Doris plans to cover are: Ledor Vador, our Covenant with Gd as reform Jews, life cycles, the prophets, and the first Exile. The modes of learning Miss Doris wishes to use as learning tools are arts, crafts, role playing, drama, child authorship, and role playing.

Miss Doris lives with her two cats in Temple City.