Cynthia MinsterCheng

Cynthia MinsterCheng, our 6th and 7th grade religious school teacher is a rabbi-in-training who attends the Academy for Jewish Religion, California. Attending a community Slichot service at TBD helped convince her and her husband, Chung-Mau Cheng, to move to Alhambra. Their children, Jack and Ezra, fell in love with TBD religious school last year.

Cynthia was a Bar Mitzvah tutor as a teenager, though she learned more from two summers at Camp Ramah then she did in eight years of Hebrew School. She hopes to help her students define their own relationships with prayer, community, and the Divine.

She is a graduate of Wellesley College and a student in the Davennen Leadership Training Institute, of the ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal. Her explorations of life can be found at