Building of Self Esteem with Dr. Jackie Green

Dr. Jacquelyn Green is the kind of generous person who never goes anywhere within TBD empty-handed. She hands out stuffed animals to our students, bagels and cream cheese to adult education lecture mornings, and cooks delicacies for our after school staff meetings. If that is not all, she is the kind of person who, instead of celebrating her birthday by treating herself to a restaurant, or a fancy dessert, she does so for others.


Jackie and Dr. Richard Shapiro, her husband, have been TBD members for over 30 years. For the last 45 years, professionally as a psychiatrist, Jackie has been treating children and teenagers. Her primary work is psychiatric diagnosis and, if needed, also medication management. Here are a few words from Jackie about what she has been doing professionally, both in the public and private sector, and as of the past two years, at TBD:


“I have spent many years working with diverse populations, helping children and teens be more integrated and productive. Due to my location, I have not treated many Jewish families. Last fall, after discussing my ideas about self esteem and the need to increase spiritual awareness in our children with Gal, Gal suggested I get involved in our Religious School by teaching self-esteem to some of our children.


This past year, I gave a workshop to Jason Moss‘ Haskala students, and ongoing interventions in Doris Robin‘s elementary aged class. The younger children were asked to write down one thing that they did each day that they were proud of doing and be pleased with themselves. As a reward, each child got to choose a stuffed animal at the end of the year. Everyone got a reward (see Jude Silver with this reward in the image below).


This coming year I will again participate in helping our students build better self esteem.”


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