Grades 2-3

Some of the curricula themes we will cover will be

  • Holidays / Calendar / Yearly Cycle
  • Rituals related to holidays
  • Torah stories
  • Simple prayers (Barchu, Shema, Candle Blessings)
  • Basic Hebrew
  • Tikkun Olam
  • Families – Matriarchs, patriarchs, tribes
  • Israel
  • Jewish Identity
  • Tzedakah
  • Mitzvot
  • Alef/Bet

Here are some words from Miss Doris about the three particular areas of the class:

       One theme will be the meanings, practices, rituals, foods and symbols of the Jewish holidays. We’ll also learn the prayers in Hebrew and English and what they mean, starting with Sh’ma, the candle blessing, Barchu and the Vihikyanu prayers.
       Closely connected to many of the holidays is our second theme: learning about our Jewish heritage. Our Jewish holidays have their origins in the kind of communities, families and historical experiences Jews have had. We will learn how and why we celebrate the holidays as well as our customs and beliefs, and at the same time, identify with our Jewish heritage to build our own personal Jewish identities. And we will learn the stories of our people from the Torah, from Creation to the Patriarchs and Matriarchs to the Exodus. We will also learn about social justice, such as doing mitzvot, tzedakah, the Ten Commandments, and living in a Jewish community, learning to empathize with other people and communities.
        Throughout we will learn our third theme, learning about our Jewish spiritual life, and how we have a connection to God through the Covenant that God made with us. We’ll see how the Covenant affects our lives to be kind, honest, generous and loving. And we will learn that keeping the Covenant also means we are responsible to pass on Judaism to the next generation, “l’dor vador”. We will also do “reverse” l’dor vador, bringing what we have learned to live, into our homes.
          In all our lessons we will grow our Jewish identities through hands-on activities, arts and crafts, role-playing and drama, music,storytelling, reading and discussing and questioning to reinforce what we learn as well as learning empathy through social action. We will begin with tzedakah– please have your child bring two cans of food and at least a quarter for “keren ami” for our first morning.