Confirmation (Grades 10-11)

Confirmation is a modern Reform practice associated with Shavuot, since this is the holiday of the receiving of the Torah. The Reform movement, in its early years, believed that 15 or 16 was a more appropriate age than 13 for an initiation ritual for Jewish learning.

In the ceremony, students “confirm” a commitment to Judaism and Jewish life. Students of this age are considered better prepared to make the kind of emotional and intellectual commitment to Judaism that Confirmation implies.

TBD’s confirmation class will comprise of mostly 18 sessions, 90 minutes each. The curricula will cover our Rabbi’s 118 Jewish Literacy Profile Questions ranging from topics like Shabbath, holidays, the lifetime of a Jew, the prayer book, the bible, the synagogue, Jewish history and beliefs, and enhance the focus on Reform Judaism.

Some sessions will include field trips to plays, exhibits and places of Jewish culture. We will determine the day and time together. Some options could be:

  • Sundays during religious school
  • Sundays after religious school
  • Fridays before Ulpan Shabbat (Ulpan starts at 5.30pm)
  • Thursday evening.

Please let us know if you might be interested, and if so, what your preferred times might be.