Girl Scouts

Who doesn’t like a cookie? Whether you prefer the Toffee-tastic, Do-si-dos, Girl Scout S’mores, Tagalongs or other Girl Scout cookies, you know you have empowered a girl, by purchasing a case or two of cookies. That’s because the cookie sales are designed to promote people skills, decision making, money management, goal setting, business ethics and other necessary life skill sets for the young girl to develop for her future.

That’s why we at Temple Beth David are providing a platform for some of the 1.7 million Girl Scouts, who also carry the hat of TBD Religious School students, who share TBD’s mission of doing mitzvot. Samantha Silver, Samantha Wolfson, and Talia, will be selling their cookies in the temple lobby both before and after religious school.

We are proud of them for collaborating in our TBD mission of doing good in the world, as are we proud of TBD’s opening of doors for young leaders. Together on Sundays, we’ll collaborate in paving the way for our girls to prepare to meet their world with courage, confidence and character.



For more information about our Girl Scout cookie sales click here, and how they specifically benefit the TBD-Girl Scout click here.