Different Paths to Holiness

At Temple Beth David, we believe that worship is a communal experience.  We recognize that every individual is unique and that there are many different paths by which we seek holiness.  We strive not only for variety in our Friday night services, but also inclusion: we provide different types of services so that everyone can find something to which they connect.  Maybe you are particularly moved by a joyful song, or a stimulating Torah discussion, or a silent meditation.  Whatever it is that moves you, come join us and be a part of the services you find most meaningful!

Family Services are particularly for our families with kids.  Every school year, each Religious School class does a family dinner and service in which the students participate.  We also host family dinners for various holidays.  Look for our Shabbat Seder where we have a service together around the Shabbat table!

Musical Services feature special musical elements.  Sometimes we invite guest musicians or members of our own community to share their musical gifts.  Our Kumzitz Service is a Shabbat sing-along where you can bring an instrument, a song, or just your voice and be part of a joyful, musical Shabbat.

Torah Services give us the chance to both read from and discuss the Torah.  We love it when members come forward to lead a discussion or a debate!  We also periodically do a Haftarah Service featuring a reading and discussion from the Prophets.

Refreshing the Soul Services incorporate meditative elements into our worship and focus on creating a peaceful and holy space.  Shabbat peace is sometimes just what we need in our busy, connected lives.

Flashback Friday Services are a nod to the legacy of our Reform tradition, for people who want to remember – or learn about – what services used to be like.  We may bring out old prayerbooks, old readings, or melodies from a different era.