Ulpan Shabbat - Hebrew on Shabbat

Ulpan Shabbat 

Following the success of our signature Ulpan Shishi program, Temple Beth David religious school has extended and supplemented on its Friday program. Ulpan Shabbat comprises of two integrated paths to the curriculum: the part of Ulpan, and the part of Shabbat. Together, we formed Ulpan Shabbat.

Ulpan provides our children with an Ivrit B’Ivrit (Hebrew in Hebrew) curriculum where students learn letters, vowels, sounds, words, all in aim to advance Hebrew literacy and conversation, both modern, and traditional. 

Shabbat provides children with exposure to preparing for the Shabbath, hands-on. Children will learn to set the Shabbat table, cook their meal, perform Shabbat rituals to the guidance of our beloved Rabbi Lachtman, and joyous singing of Cantor Schwartz. The class will also incorporate areas of social justice learning, and performing mitzvot like feeding the hungry, preparing toiletry kits for the homeless, baking for seniors, caring for premature infants, and more.

Temple Beth David's team look forward to an enriching the Shabbat experience with you, which will culminate with a Shabbat dinner and service led by Temple Beth David’s spiritual leaders. 






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Contact our Education Director, Gal Kessler Rohs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to find out more.



TBD is looking for a new Ulpan Hebrew teacher! Read about the job here.